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Our Pastor


A Journey with Purpose

Pastor Rodney Lyn Lewis II, is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. He is a graduate of Anderson College (University) in Anderson, SC where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Loyola University of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland where he holds a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. He currently serves as pastor of Harvest United where he leads with love, compassion and a heart for the people of God.


Guiding Principles

In 2018, God gave Pastor Rodney words that would shape the future of Harvest United for years to come.  Faith, Foundation, Family and Fellowship have become the "4 F's" of Harvest and the basis on which Pastor Rodney leads and shepherds the people of Harvest and community. It is through this lens that he strives to foster a community that connects God's plan and purpose to all lives.

Leading By Example

Besides being a man wisdom, provider, leader and a visionary, Pastor Rodney has been married for 14 years to the love of his life Lady Faith Lewis. The two have taken heed to the word of God and together have four beautiful children; Rodney III, Christopher, and the twins Nehemiah and Nia.

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